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  • Rami Dhanoa

    Rami Dhanoa

    Rethinking human potential.

  • Thoughts And Ideas

    Thoughts And Ideas

    for people who think

  • Abhay Salvi

    Abhay Salvi

    Looking at the world through coloured glasses and Dumping my ideas on Medium.

  • Amara P.

    Amara P.

    what is life, if not a stack of untold stories waiting to be told?

  • Gisel La Fleur

    Gisel La Fleur

    Modern Day Faerie in a Word Forest

  • Violet May

    Violet May

    Leadership Coach | Bold + Vivacious Approach To Using Emotion to Fuel + Achieve Your Goals. Inquiries: houseofrosalind@gmail.com

  • Eve McMullen

    Eve McMullen

    I write about life lessons, work life balance, mindfulness and meditation.

  • John C. Davis

    John C. Davis

    I am an author, writer, and speaker, interested in highlighting and celebrating the endless beauty of the human spirit. https://johncdavisauthor.com

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