Don’t let your ambitions become smudged by the digital world.

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We’ve all been there — you wake up with a relatively quiet schedule, with many blank spaces to crack on with your key priorities. But before you know it, today’s to-dos are shoved to tomorrow, projects are put-off, and things just simply aren’t done.

The frantic digital world invades both…

Learn the secrets of meditation to change your brain’s operating state.

Woman sat meditating in front of scenic view

Mindfulness is arguably the most popular branch of meditation used in today’s Western society. Despite being practised amongst cultures across the globe for centuries, science is only now beginning to show the real benefits of mindful meditation.

We’ll be looking at effective mindfulness practice, its usefulness in battling the limiting…

Discovering the magic in being uncertain of your future plans.

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‘What are you going to be when you grow up?

I, like many other children, used to think this question had only one answer.

The stress of choosing one set career path is not uncommon; many of us are tricked into this false belief from an early age.

Today’s education…

Discover the hidden benefits of optimising your attention.

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Attention is a limited resource. Unfortunately, many of us choose to use up this resource in unhelpful ways. But learning to tailor your attention to your best advantage will open up a life of peace, progress and more opportunities.

Controlling Your Attention

Whatever we assign our attention to becomes our reality. This is…

Reminding yourself of your goals is difficult in today’s world.

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The Information Age we live in provides a perfect opportunity for distraction. Since the rise of computers, we have become multi-tasking machines — our days becoming a complex web of tasks, ideas and to-dos.

Keeping in touch with ourselves on the other hand means consistently reviewing our goals and interests…

Two competing giants, fat and sugar, in the greatest battle the food industry has foreseen.

Woman holding lollipop up to face

The debate over fat, sugar and their health effects has been an ongoing battle for decades. But little was the public aware that one of them had an unfair advantage over the other after a series of events that would completely transform the American diet in the years to come.

A Fat Lie

Joe Brown

Musician, magician, and writer from Yorkshire, England. Exploring the essence of living through psychology and philosophy.

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