Why you should prioritise important tasks over urgent ones.

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Discovering the magic in being uncertain of your future plans.

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Discover the hidden benefits of optimising your attention.

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Controlling Your Attention

“External things are not the…

Reminding yourself of your goals is difficult in today’s world.

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Tidy Up

So stop living as though you do.

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Two competing giants, fat and sugar, in the greatest battle the food industry has foreseen.

Woman holding lollipop up to face
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A Fat Lie

Learn how to mould these two concepts to your lifestyle.

Notebook with to-dos on a study desk
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And easy ways to incorporate them into your life.

Scenes at a graduation
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Exploring concepts to change the gear of your mindset and live a meaningful, purposeful life

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Discover the multitude of health benefits from these three quick and easy food options.

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Joe Brown

Musician, magician, and writer from Yorkshire, England. Exploring the essence of living through psychology and philosophy.

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